Saturday, September 27, 2008

Week 2 is DONE! Analysis of my body

Well, it's Saturday, and we've completed another 11 yoga classes.  It's a different kind of exhaustion I feel this week -- last week I just wanted to sleep, and did for hours on end.  This week, I'm fairly alert and just, how do I describe it?....feeling washed out.  

So as I continue to push my body and mind, what's happening to my body?  A head to toe analysis follows:

1.  I'm a little concerned about my hair.  Washing it 2x/day can't be good, but I can't imagine leaving all that nasty sweat in it after class.  Will condition vigilantly.

2.  My face is not breaking out nearly as much as others (I'm certain age has something to do with that), but I feel like the humidity is helping reduce wrinkles.  That's a plus!

3.  Sinuses are clogged up a bit, partly because I'm inhaling my own sweat on the downward postures.  I mentioned before I sweat a lot -- I'd love to measure the amount of water that comes off of my body during class.

4. Shoulders, arms and legs are starting to get fairly defined.  And my butt is tightening up!  Wahoo!!   I'm still not very flexible, in fact I'm tight as hell in the morning classes, but I do feel pretty strong.  And that's a good feeling.

5.  Losing weight in the middle.  Those of you who know me know I'm fairly thin most of the time, but I did pack on a few extra pounds over the summer.  Turns out that was the right thing to do as I'm using that extra fuel now.  Emmy said the other day that people who don't have any extra body fat use up their reserves in about 60 minutes, which leaves them bonking for the last 30-45 minutes of class.  I don't have that to use as a reason to take a knee, but hopefully I will soon!

6.  Knees are sore.  Not really my knees, it's more like the tendons that attach to the patella.  Robert, the super amazing yogi from Amsterdam told me to lean back more during pada hastasana.  I tried it at the pool after class this morning, and it seemed to help.  I will do everything I can to avoid an injury.  

7.  Feet are also sore.  No athletes foot yet, and that's a true blessing.  There are a lot of people here with some funky stuff going on with their feet, and given the humidity, it's not surprising. Before the evening lecture I spray anti-fungal on my feet and put on socks.  Hopefully that will keep the buggies away.

That's it for body.  I'll address my mind in another posting.  I need to take a nap.  


Duffy Pratt said...

Weigh yourself immediately before and after class. Water is 16 fluid oz. to the pound. Sweat is probably a little less, but not all that much. From that you can calculate how much water you lose during class. Don't forget to add however much you drink during the class.

I've lost as much as 8 lbs during a hot class, and that's after drinking 2 lbs of water. So, in a class like that I'm easily sweating out more than 5 quarts of water. Pretty awesome when you think about it.

Love your blog so far.

lucille_allen said...

Thanks for the information Duffy! I'll try that!

And I'm glad you are enjoying the blog! That comment brought a great big smile to my face!!!