Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Love, No Booze, No Cigarettes

As part of our training, we signed a contract that said we would not partake in any alcohol, nor smoke any cigarettes.  Bikram also said on the first day that we are verboten from "touchy touchy, huggy huggy, kissy kissy, fucky fucky".  This guy is pretty graphic when he wants to be.  

Frankly any of those things right now are absolutely the last thing in the world I would want.   Even the thought of a gin and tonic or a nice cold beer brings a gag reflex to my throat, I've never smoked, and the rest, well, not much of a change these days.

We were up last night until well past 1am watching another Indian movie.  This one was much better than the last Bollywood extravaganza that had us up at similar hours, but still, the lesson learned is conservation of energy.  I am learning to be much more efficient in my actions.  I have to be in order to get through this!

Today is Wednesday, hump day.  Once we we get through today it seems to get a little easier.  The light of the weekend is in sight! 

More on Anatomy, half moon, food and other topics soon.  

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