Monday, September 15, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

I was so frustrated yesterday.  Had to wait nearly 5 hours for my room, and when I finally got it, it had no ocean view, no internet, and no fridge.  And I lost my favorite hat while waiting.  Nothing huge in itself, and when I was still pissed this morning, I gave some thought as to why I was so bothered by these things.  I figured it out after a while -- it's that I really feel like this training and especially having my own room is a gift from my parents and in some weird way I'm letting them down by not getting a view of the ocean.  I know that both my mom and dad loved the sea, and feel in some way that if I can go to sleep and wake with the ocean, I'll be paying tribute to them.   Once I figured that out, I actually felt better about why I was so upset, and asked the staff to do whatever they can to help me switch rooms.  I'm confident that they will make it happen once everyone here for the Mexican independence holiday is over on Wednesday.  It's quite the fiesta tonight!!

This morning was just lecture on what we're to expect and 90 minutes of philosophy from Bikram.  He's good!  I appreciate his ideas, don't agree with all of them, but can see how he comes to this ideas, and they are fine for him.

Then this afternoon, we finally made it to the yoga studio.  OH MY GOD...hearing more than 300 people do pranayama breathing was absolutely amazing.  THAT sounded like the ocean coming in and out from the shore.  It was incredible!  I really enjoyed the class and owe a GREAT BIG THANKS to the folks at Yoga Loka, at BY Granite Bay and at San Rafael.  All those hot rooms really helped me to prepare for today's practice.  While other people were dying all over the place, I was able to push through and complete all the postures, not perfectly by any stretch, but I got through it with only a little leg cramping during Salabhasana.  I'm not getting cocky by any means -- I know that my day of pain will come soon, but wow, I'm nearly high on the energy of all those people doing the postures together.  

And I have to say, Bikram was really entertaining!  I'm certain he'll get tougher on us as we progress through the training, but today he had me laughing.  I can see where Bill gets his style.  Ironically, it's very similar to Bikram's...a little philosophy, a little humor, a little yoga.  Excellent.  

OK, off again to Mega and Walmart.  I ruined my turkey yesterday leaving it out while waiting for my room.  No reason to risk eating bad meat.

THANKS for all the good thoughts.  I could feel them for sure today.


Jenn said...

Congrats on getting through Class #1! A moment I personally would never want to re-live, but it was a great jumping off point looking back. Good luck! I'll be reading :)
Jenn (Spring '08)

Rox said...

Hi Lucy, congratulations on making it down to training and getting through your first class. As for the frustrations with the room, it's understandable, my roommate and I were in that situation for the 9weeks. We really just didn't spend much time in our room. It also made things less distracting when we were there for studying (helped? maybe?). Enjoy the ride dear! Take it all in and you'll be fine. =)
I too will be reading with Jenn!
~ Roxanne (Spring 08)