Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Editorial

For those of you from Sacramento, you'll recall the woman who died from drinking too much water from participating in the game sponsored by a local radio station:  "Drink the most water without peeing and win a Wii Game set".  The woman won the game but lost her life as a result of washing out the electrolytes in her system. 

That's basically what happened to me this week when I bonked.  Obviously not to the degree that it happened to the Sac woman, but I not only felt tired, my brain was starting to malfunction.  I couldn't think and could barely operate my arms and feet.  In this environment, there are people looking out for  you all the time, so I got it fixed pretty quick, but having had a mild case of that condition, I am frankly angry that no one was able to prevent this stupid and enormous error for that woman.  

She left behind a young husband and two small children.  And all she needed to fix it was a little pedialyte.  I know that her family has a good lawyer, but nothing will replace the mother of those children.  What a friggin shame.  

Ok, enough of the Sunday Sermon.  Time for some breakfast!!   Thanks for letting me rant.


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