Monday, September 29, 2008

Reality Bites!

So I've been in the yoga studio here for more than 2 weeks and in all that time I have been positioned at the back, completely unable to see myself in the mirror.  Today, they started to rotate people around and I was in the front right in front of the mirror.  OK, so I'm always stiff in the morning, but it was such a disappointment because in my mind, I have really advanced and my postures are really beautiful.  In my mind, I have progressed to look like this, but of course the fingers on my left hand are beautifully positioned between the big and second toes on my left foot:

Unfortunately, today I saw in the mirror someone who looks more like this:

Ok, maybe not that bad (we all know my boobs aren't nearly that big and I never pass gas except in the bathroom), but not nearly as beautiful as I thought I was doing in my head.  Hopefully this afternoon I'll feel a little more strong and bendy and I'll not judge myself so much.

Gotta run.  have to grab some food and then our first anatomy test!

Love to all.  


Cori Cudney said...

Hey Lucy....I finally got a chance to read your blog and check in on you! Sounds like you are doing pretty well. Keeping the spirit up and taking one day at a time....The miracles will grow day after day..Tiger balm works miracles! Miss ya! Cori

Cori Cudney said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Lucille, you have the most wonderful knack of putting a smile on my face. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Don't know why that came out as anonymous...Still trying to figure out a way to come visit...guess who?

lucille_allen said...

Patty? Are you coming for a visit????