Saturday, September 27, 2008


We are in the middle of the rainy season here in Acapulco, which means that it's really humid when it's not raining, and when it's raining, it's even more humid.

The result is bacteria growth everywhere.  My yoga mats smell horrible as I can't seem to get them dry, people are getting colds and sinus infections, and anyone with a cut really has to be vigilant to keep it clean and dry.   And everyone is getting rashes from being wet all the time.  

The yoga studio cannot get below 75% humidity, which makes the heat feel even hotter, and I for one, am sweating buckets at the most simple of effort.  In fact, right now as I type I just washed my yoga togs and put my mats in the bathtub with a little clorox and I'm sweating -- btw, I have the air conditioning on in my room.  

But the good effects are beautiful foliage all over the area, sweet-singing birds in the trees, and my skin has lost that shriveled up look.   It's an interesting feeling to wake up with glistening skin that needs to be washed instead of moisturized, and even better, I can salt the hell out of my food ---- I'll surely sweat it out before any of it causes high blood pressure.

And on that note, the next blog on what's happening to my body.

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