Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That didn't take long!

My back has been spasming for nearly two days and in the afternoon class yesterday, I could barely do the floor poses.   Toward the end, was able to get up on my own power but had to lie down at the doorway.  Bikram nearly tripped over me.

I was laughing at it though, as I've had this problem before -- when I started doing the 60-day challenge at Patty's studio.   It will pass, eventually, but meanwhile, I have to stay hydrated -- they are carrying people out by the dozens and it's not the softer people who are losing it, it's the rock solid muscled people who are literally dropping, gripped with unbearable pain from muscle dehydration.  Given that analysis, I should be ok.  Man, there are some chisled people here and there are a few stay puff marshmallows.  But who cares -- they are all here and we are suffering together!

We've been doing the first part of the half moon pose in front of Bikram.  ALL DAY YESTERDAY.  After midnight, he said we were finished for the day, and then he said we were going to watch a movie.  I figured that he was joking, and thank God he was, but I know it's coming -- the all night Bollywood extravaganza.  That's ok, it's just sleep.  I'll get more later.  We are more than 300, so it will probably take all week to get through everyone.  I'll know half moon for sure.  

May try to do my dialogue this afternoon.  I'm not so concerned with my presentation, but we have to stay up on the stage and execute 3 half moon poses and if my back continues to ache like it is currently, I might not be able to get through that!

More later, have to get ready for class.

Thanks to all who have sent good wishes.  They are GREATLY appreciated!!

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