Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome to the Fairmont!

I'm sitting in the atrium lobby of the Fairmont, my room isn't ready yet, but the other women with whom I've befriended are putting their stuff away and then we're off to Walmart and Mega for our perishable supplies.  
This place is really spectacular.  I'll post pictures later, but there are swans, flamingos, big talking birds all in an incredibly lush and tropical setting.  

The women I've met so far are from all over the world -- Holland, Vancouver, Lexington, Czech Republic, Boston, Finand, and I'm sure there will be other countries and cities represented.  

We practiced half moon pose last night in the hostel and I feel much better about it.  For the first time I thought, "I can do this" and have dispensed with some of my fears. 

Jorge from the youth hostel drove us over this morning.  What a great guy!!  He and his family are converting the hostel to a university and they are engaged in a massive construction and will eventually convert the hostel rooms to dorms for the students.  Although the beds were not as comfortable as what I'm sure to get here (yes, my back is quite sore), and of course the grounds were not as spectacular, I am grateful for Jorge's accommodations.

Pictures will be posted later!  

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