Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, I hit the wall.  Not nearly as hard as others here, but let's say I had a minor bumper collision.  

After last night's super long lecture from Bikram, I woke stiff as a rod, with aching joints all over.  Just friggin aching!!!  Went to class, actually did better than I thought I would, but left feeling completely wiped out.  

Returned to room, ate lunch but still couldn't get with it.  Literally dragged myself to lecture and couldn't bear the weight of my own body.  Just couldn't get it together.   Got energized during the second lecture (that we've been asked not to talk about, so I won't, but it was great!), and then at 5pm class, barely made it through standing series and then just stayed on the floor in mostly savasana for the floor stuff.  

Got back to the room, broke into the emergency bottle of electrolytes, ate a few pieces of cheese, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!!  It's like a miracle juice.  I feel life coursing through my veins again, and think I'll be ok tomorrow.  Might pick up another jar tonight just to be on the safe side.  I don't like to bonk, it sucks.

Love to all.  

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Anonymous said...

Stay strong, Lucille! All of us here in Sacratomato know you can do it! Into every life a little "bonk" must fall, and you're on the rebound! Cherish the challenges to reap the rewards. Chris