Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Day in The Life

So here is a typical monday through friday here in beautiful Acapulco:

7:00 am -- rise and do bathroom duties
7:10 am --- eat some cereal, check email, do blog if there's time
7:30 am --- put on yoga togs, go get ice for huge water jug and secondary water container  -- note:  a lot of people don't drink water during practice at home, and that's great, but this studio is the hottest and most humid that they've ever had and classes often run into 2+ hours.  If you are planning to come to training, please allow yourself the liberty to drink water.  Those who were adamant at the beginning suffered terribly and are now using big water jugs for their
 survival.   The blue container is a half gallon, the metal is from REI and had a big mouth for ice.
7:35 am --- cut up and squeeze limes into water containers -- this with a little salt and sugar is
 Rajashree's formula for hydration.  It seems to work as I have not yet had major cramping or stomach problems.  Knock on wood.  
7:45 am -- check email again
8:00 am --- leave for yoga studio
8:30 am --- yoga begins
10:15 am -- yoga usually ends
10:31  -- take a dip in the ocean or in the salt pool or in the regular pool.  Have been going straight into the ocean, but given the recent rains and subsequent sewage etc that runs into the water, we have been strongly advised to stay out of the ocean.  Bummer.
11:00 -- shower, hang clothes, check email and prepare for afternoon lecture
11:35 --- Leave for lunch
11:45 --- lunch in the Chula Vista.  Pretty good food overall.  I stick to eggs and bacon for much needed protein and fruit for vitamins.  
12:10 --- Walk to afternoon lecture
12:30 -- afternoon lecture starts
4:15ish --- we are released to prepare for afternoon yoga
4:20 -- rush to room to change into yoga togs, get water, etc.
5:00 -- yoga begins
7:00 -- yoga ends
7:15 --- take another shower, grab some food in the room and prepare for evening lecture.  Check internet and try to get some energy somehow. 
 Note:  I brought a little water cooker and it's the best thing I could bring.  I cook pastas, soups and other delish hot foods for dinner.  It's my saving grace.
8:30 -- walk over for evening lecture
9:00 --- evening lecture starts
1:00 am -- evening lecture ends.  Sometimes goes later.  
1:15 -- drop into bed to get some rest and start over again.  

Saturday we have only one yoga class at 8am and then we're off for the rest of the weekend.  I spent last saturday sleeping for most of the day.  This weekend I believe we'll be studying anatomy and our dialogue.  I also make a point of getting some good red meat over the weekend.  There isn't any available during the week, and I need some to keep me strong.  


Toddo said...

Blue water jug! Did Walmart run out of the orange? Is fall class taking blue and what will next class do for color options?

Long live orange. Long live Spring '08 : )

Todd (Spring TT '08)

lucille_allen said...

Hey Todd!! Actually I brought that from home - I saw them in a picture from Spring TT and figured I'd need it. The number of orange jugs in the studio must be at least 100. It's actually kinda cool!