Monday, September 22, 2008

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet!!!!!

I woke last night to shaking that, frankly, I thought was coming from some action in the room next door.  A few seconds later I recognized the feeling and realized that we were having an EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!  My major fear was that I'm on the 3rd floor of this concrete edifice and I was hoping and praying that there was sufficient rebar installed during construction.  

The quake didn't even shake the glasses off of the table, so all is good.  

But things are shaking up here.  Our bodies are changing on the cellular level.  A fellow I spoke to yesterday said that he has never had more eye to eye contact in his life.  I feel it too, and everyone is talking about their vivid dreams, and I'm certainly experiencing those -- vivid good and vivid bad.  Last night even, I woke up after the earthquake and couldn't feel my heart beating.  My chest hurt, but I couldn't figure out why.  Thought I was having a minor heart attack or something, but I could breathe totally normally and I wasn't upset or anything, my chest cavity just hurt.  After a while I just went back to sleep and asked about it this morning.  One of the people said that it is happening to many people as we are opening up our chest and heart chakra and becoming more open to new experiences.  Ok, that works for me!!

I was really happy in morning practice as I only sat out for triangle pose, mostly because I'm terrified that I'll slip on the slickery carpet and take out a knee or muscle (I was totally wrong about my initial impression, this carpet is like a frozen lake!).  But I did two sets of everything else even through a 2+ hour class with Emmy.  Emmy is more than 80 years old and she is fabulous.  I love her philosophy and her guidance.  

Ok, have to change (I'm changing continually) and get ready for the afternoon class.  Have been sitting in the lecture hall for hours and hope my back doesn't start to hurt again.  It was pretty good this morning, I'm hoping to have gotten past it.

Again, thanks for all your good thoughts -- I am LOVING this!!!!  

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Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming Goose. I love reading about your adventures! I am so proud of you...miss you...xoxo