Sunday, September 28, 2008

My good yoga buddies

Here is a photo of me and my new yoga buddies.  Let me tell you a bit about them so you can get a feel for the cool people who are here with me.

From left to right is me, Sunny, Erin and Jacqueline.

Sunny is from Boston and has been an herbalist, a massage therapist and used to own bees!  She's amazingly positive and has overcome a lot to be here.

Erin lives in Chicago and has a beautiful yoga practice.  Her backward bends are legendary and Bikram complimented her on her standing bow pulling pose.  That doesn't happen often.  She's also a voice coach and can sing beautifully.

Jacqueline came from Holland but lives in Brisbane with her boyfriend.  She has been a flight attendant for many years and has travelled all over the world.  She also had a store in Holland and while traveling bought amazing things for her store.  She's very strong and determined and I'm confident she will do great things with her yoga teaching credentials.

This weekend has been really cool in many ways.  It's Sunday night and I'm still sore and stiff, but I'm not as physically tired as I was last week.  Over the last two days, I got into some very interesting conversations with a variety of people.  Bikram said that we would go deeper into ourselves as a part of this process, and I believe that's why we are all starting to converse on a deeper level.  There's a shift happening here and it's pretty awesome.  I'm really looking forward to how this will progress!

Ok, time to get some rest to start week #3.  The passing of time here is kind of like it is on the "Lost" island.  It doesn't seem to jibe with the rest of the world.  

Love to all.  

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