Thursday, September 18, 2008

First nearly dead, then ecstatic, then nearly dead

Boy this is certainly a physical challenge, but definitely more of a mental game.

The last two days have been amazingly challenging.  Strong, beautiful people have been barfing at the back of the studio, they have had to carry people out for IV fluids and normally amazing yoga practitioners can barely get off the floor.  

Me, I'm just keeping a happy attitude about it all.  By no means am I even coming close to even doing all the poses, but this afternoon, I finally was able to stand for most of the standing postures.  Doesn't mean I did them, but I didn't collapse on the floor either.  

There is a very strong and athletic man who is constantly cramping up.  He can't even stand up for most of the 90 minute class (or when Bikram teaches, more like 2.5 hours).  Then another woman who was hit by a car only 9 months ago and BROKE HER NECK is not only doing the entire series, she is executing the poses beautifully.  I'm bitching about my aching back and she has pins all inside her spine and is doing forward and backward bending.  But hey -- we all do the best we can, right?

Lots more news -- got a GREAT new room, will have pictures in a day or so, just got my computer up and working in the room.  Wahoooo!!!!  

Tonight I recite my half moon pose dialogue to Bikram and the entire class.  Hope I don't screw it up!!

Again, thanks for all the positive vibes.  Am loving it


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Lucille,
You are doing it. It is just amazing!

lisa.schwenk said...

Hi Lucy!

Been catching up on your adventures. Sorry to hear about your back - but your positive attitude will see you through it. Sounds like you're keeping up better than most!
I'm so happy to hear you got the room with a view you wanted. I know that will only enhance your time. Just seeing the water is so calming...
Miss ya! You can do this!! Lisa