Sunday, November 2, 2008

On Being 46 - part deux

I mentioned a while ago that Bikram was very explicit in his instructions, "no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, no touchy, no feely, no kissy and no fucky".  Quite to my own surprise, except for the occasional twinge that passes fairly quickly, I really don't miss a glass of wine or a cold Corona.  In fact, I'm planning to cut back when the training is over.  There's no need to pollute this new--ish healthy body.  Regarding the passion and affection, there really isn't any one here who interests me (or whom I interest), so that's not much of a problem.  In any event, there's absolutely no way that I would even come close to risking my certification.  I've worked too hard and at this stage nothing will get in my way.

Now having said that, I'm lucky that I'm mature enough physically and emotionally to get that.  Unfortunately, there are a few people here who are making choices for immediate gratification in one way or another, and frankly, I think it's a bad choice.  Part of the purpose of this training is to remove us from the things that we cling to, to the things we take comfort in, in order to forge a stronger, purer and better sense of self.  I recognize that (but probably wouldn't have at 25) and think it's a terrific opportunity.  In many ways, I'm glad that I'm older than most so that I can take full advantage of that opportunity.  Yup, age does have its benefits.

Like many of the people here, though, I'm definitely displaying a "younger" side of myself.  I don't even think in the prime of my adolescence, I broke out as much as I am breaking out here.  I'm hoping, though, that the rash on my chest, arms and back is the emergence of pre-cancerous cells that are being pushed out by healthier replacements (I am avoiding sun exposure for those who wonder).  Either that or the fact that we're wet all the time, sweating profusely before, during and after yoga twice a day, and regularly exposed to chlorinated water might create a negative environment for my skin.  In any event, I started to do Dr. T's facial scrub and I have to say, my face and skin feel pretty good overall!  As I mentioned several weeks ago, Dr. T spoke to us about anatomy, but his speciality and passion is holistic food and products.  He recommended a facial scrub made of the following ingredients:  Avocado oil, spread lightly over the face and neck, then honey mixed with salt as an exfoliant.   Lightly scrub all over and then rinse off and be on with your day!  It's kind of fun, and it actually tastes good!  

I don't know what avocado oil costs back home, but I can get a bottle at Walmart for about $2 here -- avocados as many of you know, are in full supply around here, so if anyone wants me to get them a bottle, put in your order now!!

Love to all, your aged (and young at heart) friend.

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