Sunday, November 16, 2008

Leaving....sort of

Well, here's one photo of me, Sunny and Jacqueline on graduation day.  I took a bunch of images of the demonstration as I had a perfect vantage to see our wonderful Susan from New York and of course Erin from Chicago.  So when it was time for me to get on stage to receive my diploma from Bikram, my camera died.  Serious bummer.  But my awesome friend Upkar took a photo with her camera, I'll have it soon.  

Really wanting to get away from this place, but it's a national holiday in Mexico-they seem to have a lot of those-and there's nothing available anywhere but here.  So...I'm going to spend the night sharing a room with a bunch of people and then I'll find a peaceful place to relax tomorrow.  
Had a half glass of wine with dinner last night and I immediately felt its effects - and even woke this morning with that tell tale dryness in my head.  Couldn't believe it.  So that cold beer on the beach will have to be handled with care.  Guess my body is more pure than I thought!!!

Ok, have to check out of my home, and get on with life.  More later.

Love to all.

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