Saturday, November 15, 2008

Graduation Day

The alarm woke me at 7am, but I snoozed for an extra half hour.  Gathered a bunch of extra food and supplies and carried them to the yoga room to donate to a homeless children's organization. Hope they like sweaty yoga togs!!  I was pleased to see a lot of things there, hopefully we will help a few unfortunate kids.

Awesome Diane taught the last class ever to be held in the studio -- Bikram has moved the location next time to Palm Springs, CA.  Unlike last week's makeup class, where I was still suffering from the effects of dehydration, this one was nice and loose, comfortable, easy, flexible.  There were two women right in front of me who were beginners.  One in particular kept walking around her mat and checking herself out in the side mirror, all during the balancing postures.  I was entertained rather than flustered by it (even though I kept falling out), as we have been told over and over that we will be shocked to get back into a regular yoga studio and see what "regular" people do.  

About half way through the floor poses, I started to realize that I was coming close to the finish line.  Last night was great, but I held back my excitement as I felt it would have been premature to celebrate.  So while on the floor, I finally felt a tremendous sense of completion, and I also felt both of my parents love and support.  That room has been a hell, a haven and almost always hot, in many ways I'm going to miss it, but will always treasure the transformation that occurred there.   63 days, 101 yoga classes, 750 hours of training, and about 82 hours of sleep in total.  

I'm not the same person who arrived here 9 weeks ago.  Although this is certainly not the hardest thing I've ever had to do, it's pretty close in many ways, and the quiet satisfaction of this accomplishment (especially at this age) will be with me for a long time.  Last night at the talent show (which was amazing -- I had no idea we had so many amazing people amongst us), Diane gave me a big hug and said she could feel my wings.  I'm not sure if she meant that the muscles in by back had become more defined, or whether I had metaphorically sprouted wings to fly.   Either way, I like it, and believe they are both true.  

It's been a rough year in so many ways.  But I'm stronger, better, faster and I can lock the knee!  
Tonight is graduation.  There were women in the salon across the street getting updos.  I felt pretty fancy just getting a trim off of this ratty hair and a pedicure.  We will have quite an event I understand, and it will include an audio of Bishnu Gosh, Bikram's guru, multiple speeches, and of course, each of us gets to walk across the stage and receive a diploma and a photo with Bikram and Rajashree.  

Here's the photo I got last night.  It's a pretty big smile, but I think tonight will be even bigger.  Or maybe with more tears.  Wait, don't anticipate, just do.

Love to all.

I'll write more as the days progress.  I'd like to continue to capture my thoughts, and if you're interested, you are welcome to continue to read!!  I'll also be sure to write about my first teaching experience.  THAT will be a hoot!!!!

I have to thank you all, not just for following my progress, but also for giving me support, on this blog, via email or just in your thoughts.  Believe me, I could feel it and it is so greatly appreciated.   

Ok, time to get gussied up for graduation!!!  

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