Thursday, November 6, 2008

$150 US a litre

UPDATE:  In addition to the $150 IV charge, I get to do a makeup class for missing lecture last night (which went  until 2:30am).  Robyn, your questions are good ones, I'm asking the same thing.  Don't want to ponder it too much, I need to stay positive through the next 8 days.


Well, I'm not nearly as tough as I thought I was.  After what we thought was final savasana this evening, we were told to stay in the room and then Bikram came in a taught a third class of the day.  I was in the front and had just finished a class that I had worked fairly hard.   And I only had a little water left in my jug.  But ok, I gave it a shot.  

It didn't take long for me to totally lose control of my breathing, and I continually kept gulping air into my mouth.  I could only do a few postures, didn't have much energy at all, but kept getting up and giving it a try.  At one point, I was nearly sobbing, just simply because I couldn't seem to get my breath.

When class was over, I took what I thought was the longest walk out of the studio,  hauling two very wet towels and when I got to the lobby, I nearly collapsed.  They gave me some gatoraide, but it didn't help a splitting headache that I had.  I could barely open my eyes.  Then when I got back to my room, I still couldn't breathe and then after a quick shower, I started to shake all over and got really, really cold.  Had the sense to call Jacqueline and Erin's room, and J came up immediately.  Wrapped in a towel, I got the door open and then just lost it, couldn't breathe at all and collapsed on the floor by the door, by then a few other people were there to help, good thing because I couldn't keep the towel on and they had to help me to not flash the entire hallway!!!  

They called the doctor and I got wheeled to the clinic, in front of a HUGE line of beautifully dressed people here for some convention.  I wasn't exactly a pretty picture and probably scared them to death.  And when I got to the clinic, they gave me two 1/2 litres of an IV drip, the first had potassium, the second one was full of Vitamin B.  

I feel much better now, and do NOT recommend this as an alternative to lecture.  It will cost me $150 US for that little treatment.  But the headache is gone!!!   

Had a banana to prevent cramps tonight.  Going to sleep now, 13 more classes (unless there's more surprise classes) and 9 days to go. 

I'm ready.   

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Robyn said...

Lucy, Does the body ever adjust to this process? You have been there for 7 weeks and your drained. What does he hope to accomplish by breaking everybody down this way please comment. How does this make you a better instructor? By now I would think he would be building everybody back up so they can go out and really represent this type of yoga with conviction, not come back exhausted. I know there is a reason but it is hard to understand from this ya and your determination..robyn