Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out the VOTE!

Today's an historic day.....Bikram is letting us out of evening lecture to watch the election results!!!  

It's 7:30 am Tuesday, and I'm still sore from last night's class.  Bikram freely admitted afterward to testing us in the yoga room.  It was his first class in two weeks --- he did a grand world tour via Los Angeles, Munich, Frankfurt, Dubai, Calcutta, Miami and then a return to Acapulco.  And maybe a few other cities in between.  So to see how we fared in his absence, he pushed us very hard for nearly two hours.  No one threw up or  cramped up, but after class, many people were on the floor by the fans (haven't seen that in a while), and it took me more than 2 hours to feel human again.  I did pretty well -- completed all postures and held most for the entire time.  He is truly unlike anyone else in that he carries with him a presence that can inspire others to do WAY more than they thought capable.  

He also admitted to being impressed with our collective performance.  That's a good thing.

Ok, have to get ready for morning class.  Don't think I'll be full of energy for this one, but I'll give it my best.

Yesterday I delivered the last formal posture and did a pretty good job.  Hurray!!  I'm not done though, now it's time to start all over again from the beginning and re-learn all the postures.  This is an ongoing process.  Better get to it.

Everyone VOTE!!!

Love to all.  Lucille

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