Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The adventure continues

A few more notes on teaching my first class:  

Those poor students.  They really put up with a lot from me.  I was able to complete the class in 90 minutes because I forgot more than half of the dialogue!!  Here's the internal dialogue that I was having:

"Oh my GOD --- they are doing what I'm asking them to do! Look at that!   Oooo, I'm standing in the way of that woman and she can't see the mirror. I need to move to the right. Oh, now I'm standing in front of him, I'll move over here, oh fuck it, there's too many people in here, I can't avoid being in the way of somebody, oh no, what's the next posture? Well, I couldn't remember much of that pose but people got through it, ok, on to the next one, oh yeah, I could have said this and that and this...oops better focus on the posture I'm in....darn, what's the sanscrit name again? HEY -- I'm doing ok in the timing of this! Ok that's a bonus! Uh oh, which leg is it? Right? Left? Oh, there's Patty touching her right leg, ok, it's right leg over the left leg!"

It felt pretty hot in there, but as someone talking through the class and not actually doing it, I couldn't tell if it was hot or not, and of course coming from the boiling hell of Acapulco, what's hot?  At the end of the class, when everyone was in final savasana, as I was walking out to turn off the lights, a fellow kind of moaned, "turn on the fan", and I realized that people were truly suffering.  Of course, I completely forgot to say thank you or "Namaste", so after I stood in the lobby laughing my head off, Patty told me that the group said it to themselves.  

Obviously, I need help, so I'm writing from Harris Ranch along hwy 5.  I'm on my way to LA to meet with Mary Holmes the Bikram yoga hypnotist.  She has helped dozens of people not only get the dialogue in their head, but access it in the order at the right time.  Let's see how this works.  Several friends have asked for her phone number so they can tell her to put a few items in my brain, and maybe take a few out!!!  No way!!!  

I'm also planning to meet with Manali at headquarters and talk to her and someone else about using Bikram people to complete a survey for my thesis.  Met with one of my committee members last night about 8:30 to confirm the process and then drove down about half way down with trusty Higbee in the back of the car.  At around 1am (time sound familiar?) I decided to call it quits, and made the decision to sleep in the car --- figured that I'd save some money and would spend it on a hotel tonight in LA.  So I found a cozy parking spot in the Harris Ranch parking lot, rolled out the sleeping bag and grabbed my pillow.  Higbee and I tool a short stroll so she could stretch her legs, and we took in the lovely smell of thousands of cattles' poop.  Those of you who take that trip down or up Hwy 5 know that tell tale smell --- ick.  So we climbed back in the SUV and, without permission, I commandeered Higbee's bed as a comfy cushion for my head and hips.  This awesome dog that's not SUPPOSED to shed has disproven the breed - this dog sheds like a building in the back yard (get it....shed?).  So there I was covered in dog hair, realizing that I was completely buzzed from the diet coke I drank about an hour before to stay awake.  Bummer.  And Higbee was sitting on my feet.  65 pounds of dog tends to cut off the circulation.  I kept telling her to get off my sleeping bag, but I'm certain her response was, "well, get off my bed"!  

So finally fell asleep, avoided any highway killers on the road and woke to the amazing smell of cooking beef!!  Much preferable to cattle poop!  I let Higbee do her business, did a little of my own, and now, fully stocked on a lovely Earl Grey tea and a banana walnut muffin, I'm heading south to Los Angeles.  

Wish me luck.  Love to all.  


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Mel said...

Hey Lucy,
I miss you, thank goodness for your blog or I would go through Lucy with drawl. The way you described your road trip made me feel like I was right there with you (minus the cow poop but I know what that smells like).
Good luck with the hypnotist and your thesis.
Keep us updated on your next yoga adventure.