Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boot Camp, Concentration Camp & Craig

It's been a rough couple of days.  They told us weeks ago that week 9 would be easy, but it's been anything but.  A few weeks ago it felt like book camp here; over the last few days, it's felt like a concentration camp.  Yoga classes have been a challenge (and the extra 2.5 hours in the hot room didn't help), Bikram has kept us up very late watching movies, and people have been generally disgruntled for a variety of reasons.  By lecture time this afternoon, people were either giddy with exhaustion, cranky beyond reason or pissed and ready to go home.  Then Craig, who is normally the teacher training coordinator for the entire training, was introduced by Bikram and came on stage for the first time.   Through his enthusiasm, his passion for the yoga, his humor and his insight, he turned things around.  I honestly didn't think it would be possible, but he got nearly everyone's attention and held it for several hours.  Ironically one of his topics was perspective, vision and focus -- I must be psychic!!!  

Then he taught class this evening, and although it was a rough class, it wasn't too exhausting because he kept the flow going.  I actually enjoyed it!  

I finally feel pretty good, although again, my knees are ready to explode, my hamstrings throb, and my back is ready to go out any second.  I think that's from being in the hot room for nearly 6 hours yesterday and then in a very uncomfortable chair in a really cold room for nearly 5 hours.  Not a good combination.

Anyway, I have hope for an upbeat conclusion and that makes me happy. 

Love to all.  Lucille 

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