Friday, November 14, 2008

Now I remember.....

So at this afternoon's lecture we were able to stand up and talk about why we came to training and what we got out of it.  It was EXACTLY what I needed.  I've been cranky and achy,  and in more of a foul mood than not over the last few days.  Today, I was reminded what this was all about.  People stood up with absolutely amazing stories about how the yoga healed them, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Yes, we have been through hell and back and then back again over the last 9 weeks, but it has done more than we can know right now.  Some people know, but I think that when we go home and get the perspective I talked about before, we will really come to understand what we have done and what we have become.

OK, I have to get going for class in a moment.  More later.

Love to all.  

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