Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yoga in the Rain Forest

Latest news quick:  

Bikram reported yesterday that the humidity in the studio was up to 97%.  Don't even know how that's possible, but the minute I walked in that room, I started to profusely sweat (forget about the postures) and now that they have installed several more fans and other air moving, drying and cooling devices, it seems to be a bit better.

People are still really sick, I'm getting a sore throat but trying to hold it off, and after 2 very late nights of lecture and movies, people are exhausted and ready to leave.  Some close friends are preparing to pack it in, it makes me sad, but I will not succumb to any negativity.  It's a waste of time and energy.  

Ok, gotta go practice standing bow pulling post.  I don't even have the dialogue memorized and I'm fairly sure we'll have to do it this afternoon.  On a wing and a prayer!!!

Love to all,



thedancingj said...

WOW that is intense!! Keep on keepin' on, lady!! I feel like you need a little Bon Jovi music for your theme song... "OOOOH, we're halfway there, WHOOOAAAA--OOHH! livin' on a prayer!!!" Seriously, find someone who has that song and just crank it up. :D Sounds like you are doing awesome...

Juliana :)

Robyn said...

Just remember to take one day at a time and pace yourself. Stay positive and know that we are here rooting you on. Remember what I said before, you finish this and you can do anything. Love ya lots. Higbee sends her love too. Does blogging help you process all that is going on so you can deal with things better?