Monday, October 6, 2008

And Now...The Real Yoga Begins

Got a few extra minutes here...Bikram started out the 5pm class with a great deal of energy and entertainment, and then sent our friend Sunny out of the room because she is really sick and was on the floor from the get go.  He immediately thereafter started picking on people for their poor postures and made us do several difficult postures like standing head to knee more than the usual two sets.  Many people here are  very sick with lower respiratory infections (thanks humidity and warmth -- it's spreading like crazy) and others were simply falling out of postures because they are worn out.  

Bikram got more and more irate and about midway through the floor series, he started a fairly long rant and rave about how weak we are.   He was pretty angry, and just stopped the class.  Cancelled it all together and walked out.  Don't know if that ever happened before, but frankly, I don't blame the guy.  I'm fairly beat up --- my back is killing me, my knees are still really sore and my hamstrings are tighter than strings on a fiddle.  But when Bikram is the instructor, I do the very best I can.  He asks for that and I deliver it.  Healthy people here in their mid-'20's should be able to get through the classes without having to go down on the floor or leave the studio. 

But here's the thing.  This is a boot camp-like experience, and it's time for the shake up.  Every single movie about creating a team of well-performing individuals includes the scene where the leader is disappointed and first yells and then gives a big speech and then everybody works harder and comes together either because they are mad at the leader and/or eventually because they want to follow the leader.  Either way, the process is a needed one and tonight, we'll be up for a long, long, time.  Tomorrow, the real yoga will begin and everyone will start to perform like never before.  

My only hope is that I don't tear or injure anything.  

Love to all.  


Duffy Pratt said...

Very interesting post. I've read blogs from other Teacher Training, and I've never heard about any teacher bailing out on a class. Of course, this is also the first time that Bikram has been there for the full time, as far as I know. And, from the sound of it, there is more illness going around this time than in the past.

It's great that you are giving it your all and keeping such a good attitude. And yes, its too bad if others are not giving it the effort it deserves.

Robyn said...

Having been through a military boot camp, I think you are correct in your evaluation of the situation. Bikram has been doing this for a long time and it seems to me he is very disciplined. This is all about inspiring someone to go beyond what they can even imagine they can do. He knows you can do it but most people are never challenged to go beyond the pain, both physical and mental. Just think, any situation after this pales in comparison. If you can do this trainging, you can do anything. Pretty cool.. hope Im right.

Anonymous said...

Judge not of others lest be judged. Just because someone appears like a healthy mid 20 something does not mean that they are. You do not know what is going on in their head or their body for that matter. Focus on yourself and not on others. This is about your journey.

lucille_allen said...

Thank you anonymous for that posting!!! You are right absolutely....I just remember how strong I felt half a lifetime ago and know that my body would have been able to do this much better......but you are correct, I should not judge others. Thanks for the reminder.