Friday, October 24, 2008

Medical / Spiritual Lecture

Rajashree has been leading up the lectures all this week, and they have not only been interesting, they have been many, and so we've only done two postures this week!  How lucky are we???

Raj discussed the medical benefits of Bikram Yoga.  She has been involved in several studies designed to show that this type of yoga does not treat the symptom, but rather it improves the system, thus the symptom eventually is alleviated.

The definitive tests are just beginning, but through initial tests and through  people's own experiences, it can be said that Bikram yoga helps improve depression, diabetes, a multiple of auto immune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, crones, lupus, and it seems to alleviate the treatment of cancer.

It makes sense if you think of it.  The 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises first of all help to slow and yet increase capacity of breathing.    This is exactly in opposition to the fight and flight syndrome in which your breath is quicker, your immune system shuts down, your blood pressure rises and more. In western society, the proverbial tiger chases us daily, and some argue, the subsequent stress is the cause of many diseases. Bikram yoga helps the body to counteract that stress.

In addition, because accurate execution of most poses choke off a section of the body (and an organ or gland), the release of the pose flushes fresh oxygenated blood to that previously deprived body part and helps to keep it clean and healthy. This is one of the best things I can be doing for my body.

Last night our lecture was from a woman who is a general physician as well as a yoga instructor and studio owner. She talked about how our mental state and how our status in the fear vs. love continuum also affects our health. She talked about how our emotions actually crystallize in the body (issue in the tissue) and can cause illness. Staying in the love state helps to alleviate that stress and all the bad stuff that comes with fear based living.

So, I’ve decided to quit complaining about how sore and achy I am. It will go away, and the longer I spend complaining, the longer I’ll be in a fear based state. You will hear no longer about that topic.

We have a few doctors and psychologists in our group. One is an oncologist and he was right on board with last night’s discussion. He will be participating fully in the future studies. The good news is that in the U.S. and the world, the trend is going toward yoga and other preventative processes because they recognize the benefits, and because the health care system is not working.

Ok, got to get on with it!!!

Love to all.


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