Saturday, October 11, 2008


With all due respect to the people who have laid hands on me in the past, I just had THE. BEST. MASSAGE. EVER.  Honest to God, it would be worth flying to Acapulco and checking into the Fairmont just to get a massage from Gorky.  He softened the knots in my hips, he stretched out my achilles, he removed all pain from my back and neck and he opened up my chest.  It was a deep, deep tissue massage, but by breathing through it and warming up in the steam room ahead of time (THAT was an interesting experience, but good to do), I'm not sore at all, in fact, for the first time in a long time, I feel pain free!!!  And, I have to admit, surrendering to the hands of a good strong man was a wonderful experience.

I've already booked my massage for next week.  

The rest of the day was also pretty good --- had a fairly good class, especially for the morning, learned triangle fairly well and feel confident with separate leg head to knee, and got to talk with a few interesting folks in the lobby of the hotel.

Now it's time for a little sleep and another whole day off.  I'm really happy.

Love to all.  


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