Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stressful Friday and Picture Time!

If last friday was a riot, this friday was the polar opposite. We had posture clinic with an instructor who creates an environment that can be fairly stressful. Although I'm guessing that part of the reason is to recreate, to the best of his ability, the yoga studio, the results at times can be overwhelming. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that some people had a really rough time and received a type of treatment that, in my opinion, verged on the inappropriate. It was the very first time that I actually questioned the logic and the wisdom of this process. I'm shaking it off now, with effort. 

Ok, so I took a bunch of photos over the last few weeks and have time to post a few and describe this life here.   

This is Eleanor doing the bow pose with Rajashree on the podium. Eleanor is a human Gumby and is a beautiful yogini.  But look around, most people are not like her -- they are very "normal" in their ability to bend.  

Here are my posture clinic buddies doing standing bow. Andy is a writer from London, Annie is a marketing person from Canada, I don't know about the other guy, and Summer is a lawyer from somewhere. Great people all.

Here's Jodi!!! She's so totally cool, and is always in a good mood. I often find myself practicing next to her, and she coaches me to keep going when I want to take a knee. 

Last Sunday's sunset on the beach. In Mexico, there are no private beaches, 
so there are always vendors selling all kinds of things in front of the hotel. This guy was selling horseback rides.

Toe pose in posture clinic. The guy in the center is a senior teacher from Bend Oregon. Very positive guy.  BTW, I can't do this pose yet.  I hurt my knee in this posture before I came to Acapulco, and between fear and aching knees (a description, not a complaint), this one eludes me.  

Sunrise from my balcony. Great full moon, eh?

Robert and Vincent. I love these two. They couldn't be more different, and yet they are the best of buddies and roommates. 
Vincent is a retired school teacher from New York City and Robert is a yogi master and a physical therapist from Amsterdam. Great people.

Here's Robert and our group a few sundays ago practicing triangle. Robert doesn't project much, so we went to the hotel's porte-cochere and Robert stood in the driveway yelling his dialogue.

That's it for now. Tonight is a barbecue on the beach and I have to run errands before then!!! Love to all.


Melissa said...

Hey Lucy,
I just got time to catch up with your blog. It sounds like your just past Friday compared to my previous Friday and your previous Friday compared to my just past Friday, (does that make sense?) I have a a sense of who your lead was but we can compare notes later.
We have just over 30 classes left, the downward slope baby. Keep going, you are doing great and I can't wait to see your smile in the room this week.
Much love

hoodoo7 said...

Hi, Lucy,
A question as the topic comes up sometimes at our studio: what do the instructors and advisors recommend for gals having a 'visit from Aunt Flo'? I often don't feel comfortable in class on a 'heavy' day and wonder how you gals are handling it - best to you! Love your blog ...

lucille_allen said...

Hi SQ --

Only one person I know of here has debilitating cramps, and she suffers, but continues on. Bikram at the beginning made fun of some guys with reference to them having to leave the room because they had their period, so it's very unlikely that any woman here would have to leave or be unprepared. We all just do the best we can, but notice the photos, people do sit down and more when they can't do it. We are getting stronger, but we're also exhausted!! Thanks for the message!!!!