Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tension in the body; tension all around

I don't take comfort in other's pain but at last I'm not the only one with a body on the verge of falling apart.  Everyone is getting sore knees, riotous hamstrings, achy backs and more.  The majority of the group has some kind of funky skin condition as well --- heat rash, allergies to the chlorine in the towels, water and sheets (yes, they chlorinate the tap water, not enough to kill you, but to kill everything else) and we are blotchy all over.  One of the guys today brought ice to yoga class and put it all over  his towel in an effort to avoid heat rash on his back once we hit the floor poses.  Don't know if it worked or not, but I can guess that it felt pretty good!

For me personally, my yoga has gone completely to shit.  Completely.  Anything I was good at before I can barely do, and the stuff I struggled with I continue to struggle.  Here's my positive perspective:  I try to do the setup in a completely accurate way.  If, with the grace of whatever higher power is up there, I'm able to get my practice back, I'll have a good foundation.  And if I continue to suck forever, at least I'll have a good foundation.  

The nurse told me that her knees hurt for two weeks after training concluded.  That's comforting!

In addition, many people are getting very edgy.  They are either perturbed with their roommate, tired of the same food every day, or just plain tired.  Others, however, are savoring every moment.  They realize we are on the back end of this adventure and feel sorry that it will be over.

Me?  When Higbee had her puppies, I fell in love with every one of them.  I could not imagine letting them go, but when the 10th week arrived, I was ready to have my time and my dog back and so was Higbee.  I feel that way about this, and really, if I've learned anything, it's to not lament change.  It is what it is and it will be what it will be.  

In the meantime, I need to stay a little more positive as I can see myself getting sucked into the social tension.  

Here's the good news though --- FINALLY, I'm starting to perform well in posture clinic!!!  Yesterday, I actually had a person tell me that I sounded like a real yoga teacher!!!  That is really comforting.  I knew that once I was able to get the dialogue down, I could deliver with gusto, and it's great that that moment is finally here.

Ok, gotta get a shower and prepare for this evening's posture clinic.

Love to all.   


Mary said...
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Mary said...

Oh, Lucy, how familiar it all sounds. Hang in there, girl. I had right hamstring issues for literally four months after I returned from TT. You will get your yoga back. You will find the joy in yoga again. It will all make sense and be clear. One foot in front of the other every minute every day and you will make it through. I send you my energy.

Dawn said...

Hey lucy. I have been reading your blog for the past two hours and I'm so inspired by your story! I have been taking the yoga since June and have wanted to go to teacher training next fall but fear that I won't be good enough. (I still really suck at more than a few of the poses.) Thank you for letting me in on your adventure. You are a great story teller. I have feeling you are gonna be an amazing yoga instructor!
Stay Strong!

lucille_allen said...

Hey Dawn!! Listen, I totally suck at several poses (and did before I came), and I'm here doing it. You can too. There are people here of all ages, shapes and sizes. Yes, of course there are the human gumbys, but there are the non bendy and non strong (like me) too. So if you even have an inkling of a desire, go for it!!! It's an amazing journey and despite my periodic whining, I'm really glad I'm here. Glad you are enjoying the blog. That makes me smile. Lucy