Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update: Oxygen is Important!

Bikram came into lecture last night and wasn't mad at all.  He did a little research after he left the studio and learned that this particular studio is especially hot and humid, and the students in this session and the last have had more troubles than in other locations.  The conclusion is that the room, located in a basement setting, may not be delivering the oxygen needed for us to complete the 90 minutes strongly.  He said the guy who designed the studio is on his way out here to take a look.  I also asked Bikram to check the mold in the air and carpet --- there are so many people here who are sick, I'm just a little worried that there's risk of mold related illness.  Also consider that the fall training is during the rainy season.  It is a lot more humid now than in the Spring training, and may be a reason for people taking a knee more than in the past.  

Of course, all of this new knowledge was no reason for us to have an early night.  We were up to nearly 2am watching a poorly subtitled movie relating the BagaVageeta (might be spelled incorrectly).  It's a good thing to know, but the medium for delivering it may turn people off to it, and that's a shame.  I have previously mentioned my "Thought for the Day" provided the Eshawaren Institute.  Ecknath Eshawaren translated the document into English and often quotes it in his daily thoughts.  That's a nice way to get bits and pieces, but even reading the doc or perhaps doing a re--cut of the flick might be good too.  

Ok, gotta get going.  It's going to be an interesting day.

Love to all.  

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