Sunday, May 17, 2009

A very hot weekend!!!

Sunday, 7pm.

Higbee and I have become quite at home at the RV park.  We have our pattern down for walking to the grassy area for "rest stops," for finding our way to the bathroom in the night, and for rising early and making sure to catch the wind whenever possible in the pop up.  It's getting hot here, in oh so many ways!!

Friday was great.  I got introduced to the group before Dr. T's lecture and was applauded heartedly when I said that I was the worst person in posture clinic and have taught more than 120 classes, and some people say I'm their favorite teacher.  It felt great.  Then after two AWESOME yoga classes (PM by Ren, I just love him), I joined Martha and Joseph for posture clinic.  I have to say I was kind of freaked out and felt the pressure of the last training, but I also got to share a few things and felt good about that.  I loved what Martha had to say to those delivering the postures - yes, she is amazing.  

Saturday I slept in, went to the movies to get a little cool, and then picked up Sunny and Danielle and we drove into Palm Springs for some dinner and walking around the shops.  They bought some really cute clothes, I figured I don't need to haul anything else around.  It was so much fun to talk yoga at dinner....but that was nothing!  Today after finishing my book about the Good Friends animal sanctuary, I picked up the Massachusetts girls and took them to Target and Trader Joe's.  Then we returned to a hotel room to eat sushi and talk more yoga.  Linda is a veritable gold mine of information about how to deliver, and how to use the dialogue to really improve people.  These people from the east are purists and they are kind, supportive and interesting.  I have a lot to learn and I am SO interested to learn it!!  Am definitely looking forward to this trip.

Diane Ducharme is coming in tonight.  I hope to have some time to talk with her tomorrow and set a date for my time with her.  The rest of the trip will fall around that time with her.  

Ok, it's time for a beer and a little time studying the dialogue.  I thought I knew it well, but I realize that I could be better!  I'm so excited!!!!  

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