Saturday, May 30, 2009

Arizona: Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation

"All the problems in your life don't come from the outside in - they come from the inside out.  If you achieve self-realization, there are no problems.   And it starts with lock the fucking knee."  

Finally left Palm Desert yesterday.  I am so very glad I stayed - it was a real gift.  Let me back up a little:  when I was in training, when doing the last posture, spinal twist, I was told that I would be, "Fine - but you know what that means - Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Ego oriented."  Obviously, the comment bothered me, as I can remember it as clear as day.  So the person who said it taught a class, and it was the greatest gift I could get -- it was okay in that the students enjoyed the antics, but in no way was it a Bikram class - there were a lot of wrong things said along with a lot of inaccurate and out of order instructions.  The easy analysis would be to say it was a "fine" class, but what it was to me was a completion of the circle.  I was shown that I am better than fine in so very many ways - I am, and continue to strive to be, a very good and soon an even better, Bikram yoga instructor.  

Then the Jon Burris, the fascia guy spoke.  I definitely enjoyed his presentation mid-day, but in the evening discussion, there were some statements that I disagreed with.  but that's ok - he's entitled to his opinion and I'm entitled to mine.   It was a worthwhile use of my time.

On Friday morning, Diane taught - she has a GREAT class!  And before I left campus, she had a short, sweet (just like her) lecture in which she talked about the power of the dialogue.  She had her friend Terry (who was assaulted and tore her neck muscles and tendons) come up and tell her story and relay how Diane's compassion and the use of the entire dialogue ("your back is going to hurt like hell, don't be scared") gave her the courage to do the yoga and improve her health.  It was a very impactful presentation.  

After Diane's lecture, I called it a day and went to get the pop up at the tire store.  I told the guy the day before to hold on to the tire with the hole in the sidewall so I could take it back to Schwab and get a refund.  Got there and guess what?  They threw the damaged tire away and the truck had just hauled it away.  So I got the repair completely and totally for free!!!  Woo Hoo!   Divine providence!  

Started the drive eastward.  Passed the exit for Needles California (shout out to Robin and Marshall) and crossed into Arizona.  It was amazing - the minute I got over the border, the Saguaro cacti showed up.  I love those amazing plants.  They look like animated creatures in a variety of positions.  Even saw two growing side by side looking like they were hugging!  A prickly relationship for sure, but one that obviously works.  

Rolled into Phoenix after 8:30 and spent the night in a Motel 6 instead of a trailer park.  They have a pretty good deal:  A clean and cool room that welcomes dogs for only $44 a night.  It's nice to relax and watch TV now and then.

Since I spent time in Phoenix last summer, I'm going to continue south and east, and spend a few days in Bisbee, Arizona.  It's up at about 2500 feet, so it will be a little cooler.  I'm going to process what I've learned so far and also do some work on the thesis.  

Plus there's a lot of cool things to see in that area - Tombstone, some awesome caves and other Southwest sights.  Will post pictures next time.  

Sending love to all.  

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