Monday, May 11, 2009

Prospectus Approved, T minus 2 days

Whew!!  I met with the committee on Friday and after a not-totally-grueling two hours, they all agreed to sign off on the prospectus.  Well, there's caveats, I have eleven items to address.  Some are easy fixes - making sure the reference in the text to a particular appendix is in that particular appendix.  Others are a little more daunting, but certainly doable.   After the meeting, I returned to Robyn and Cindi's house and we enjoyed our typical friday night - good food, good movie, relaxing.  Well, not totally typical, we usually all imbibe in the wine, but since the gals are working to reduce, they're off the booze.  So I sipped wine on my own.  

Had a really nice weekend.  Spent Saturday doing more improvements on the Trailer - by the time I take off, it will definitely be tricked out -- or at least a little more comfortable.  

Yesterday, spent Mother's day with the Helmholz family.  Edith is one of my alternate moms, but she's more of a friend than a mother, even though I love her guidance and support.  We went to the beach out by Point Reyes Station and built a fire, enjoyed a lovely luncheon and watched the waves roll in.  Afterward, we drove out to the oyster farm and bought fresh and bottled oysters and enjoyed both barbecued and raw for dinner.  It was a fabulous day!!  The only downside was that I dropped my camera in the sand
 (after a few choice pics)  and it got bingled beyond repair.  Note to self - no more cameras at a windy beach!!  

So now I'm back in Roseville, found a new camera, same model, on sale and I'm one day closer to departure.  The current plan is to leave on Wednesday, but I learned today that Bikram won't be at training for more than a week, so I may stay a little longer than I had planned.  We'll see. 

While driving today, I decided I need more objectives for this trip than just learning about Bikram studio-related stuff.  Here are some other goals:
- Take as many side roads as possible and not just the interstate.
- Stop at road side markets
- try to find the best tomato in the US
- taste midwest corn
- Maximum 8 hours of driving a day, but try to keep it under five.  
- stop at historic points of interest. 

In other words, I'd like this trip to be comfortable, easy, flexible.  See how much I learn from the Bikram dialogue???

Sending love to all.  

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Selina said...

Hey, Pt. Reyes is where my friend Carol's family lives. They have a ranch with cattle that butts up against the actual's about a 15-20 minute walk from their house. The Oyster Company is owned by her brother who also lives on the ranch. Small world. Can't wait to read about your adventure since I need to live it vicariously. Safe travels.