Sunday, May 3, 2009

Part 2 of the adventure

Ok, it's been a while.  Over the last several months, I've been teaching as much as I can, learning the dialogue, getting comfortable in my role as a Bikram Yoga instructor, and of course, working on my thesis.  It's been a busy and worthwhile time.

So on Friday, May 8 I have a meeting with the committee and will present my prospectus with the hopes of getting it signed off.  Once I get the go ahead to do the actual research, I'm hitting the road.  Research will be done online and will take a few months to gather the information I need, so I'll be doing the initial work and monitoring the results from the road.  Can't wait.  

I bought an old pop up camper and have been getting it ready for a big road trip.  I'm heading south first to Palm Desert to participate in the new Bikram Yoga Teacher Training.  I haven't heard much yet about how this training is going, but I do understand that the yoga is taking place in a big tent and it's not meeting the standards that Bikram has set -- guess it's not hot enough.  I'm sure that will be fixed soon enough.

From TT, it's off to Texas and a visit to Mike and Joani's studio in Houston.  I love those guys and am excited to learn from then.  A few other studios while I'm down there and then perhaps up to Kansas to visit Elizabeth's studio.  Across to SC to see David Kaiser's awesome environmental friendly studio and then over to DC and eventually up to Boston to see Diane Ducharme.  Can't wait!!!  More later 

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