Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some hot desert images!

It's a little bit of a challenge to get reliable internet here, so I apologize for not posting pictures with the last few entries.  Here's a few that will hopefully make up for the recent dry spell:

Here's the car and camper, and of course Higbee, just before we left.  Notice all my stickers on the pop-up -- have a sticker, will travel!!!  

The view on the drive south on Hwy 5.  I'm pretty certain the smog in the distance is smoke from the Santa Barbara fires.  

This is our little campsite at the RV park.  It was the shadiest spot we could find, but it still bakes in the afternoon.  

The studio tent.  Look familiar???  

Collective Camel.  Lynn Whitlow teaching.  

Fixed firm and yes, the mirrors do look a bit like a fun house.  I was up close today for the makeup class and I looked nice and slim in the mirror!  

My friend Cory from Granite Bay.  He stayed with me at the campsite for a few days.  Good camel - hips pushed forward.  Not bad for a guy with a busted coccyx.  

Diane, Linda and Sunny on our afternoon jaunt to visit the Palm Desert studio.  According to Sunny, the cockroaches at the hotel are about this big!!!  ;-) 

We stopped at a really wonderful sculpture and art gallery.  Loved this rabbit doing fixed firm.  

Can't remember the name of the artist who does these amazing glass sculptures, but they had several there in the gallery.  Extraordinary.  

The Boston Clan plus an Aussie.  

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ph said...

glass artist = david chihuly perhaps?