Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lots of pressure - no air pressure

Wednesday, May 27

Yesterday was a crazy yoga day! The morning class was led by Emmy, who has a disconcerting method of getting off the big podium and walking around amongst the people. It’s so weird because her voice is coming out of the speakers and then WHAM, there’s reverb and she’s standing behind you poking you in the spine telling you to stand up taller. She walked around when I was in training, and when she walked by me in pranayama breathing, she said into the mike, “I don’t understand why there’s swaying”. I didn’t understand either at the time, but have learned that you have to focus on the inner thighs and tighten up the legs to stop the swaying (plus the chiropractor recently told me I have a misalignment of the cerebral vertebrae and that affects my balance). So yesterday morning, out of nowhere Emmy showed up RIGHT behind me and man, I tightened up and held it for every posture! She ended up sitting in the chair almost directly behind me and I didn’t get any pokes, but I did get a VERY helpful correction on spine twisting posture. She’s absolutely right – the yoga must be done the right way to get the full benefit. It was amazing to me how a small shift in the hand makes it a whole new posture!

The pressure to perform for Emmy was nothing compared to the afternoon class! I don’t even know why or how, but I ended up with Diane Ducharme in front of me, Lisa from Texas on my right, Lynn Whitlow on my left and Michael Harris immediately behind me. It was a vortex of yoga power and I was in the center of it all! I did fall out of standing head to knee before anyone else did (which I almost always do), but I have to say I held my own in the rest of the postures – I had a respectable practice. Whew!! Did I mention that Bikram taught? And you KNOW how he holds people in postures forever!

Since I arrived on May 14, I have taken 20 classes and taught once. That’s probably more than I’ve done in a two week period since training and although I’m tired, I feel really strong and am actually performing fairly well! Surprise, surprise!!! It feels good!

The guy in the campsite next to me hates Higbee and she’s not so hot on him either. Straining at the end of the tether, she was barking at him (but wagging her tail) on one of the first days we were here – obviously establishing her territory. But the guy didn’t like it and voiced his disapproval. So instead of leaving her on the tether while I go to the bathroom, I’ve been taking her with me. She sits quietly in the corner of the public bathroom and it’s been perfectly fine as I’ve seen only one person in there two times. Yesterday, though, the guy who cleans the bathroom tried to come in and Higbee barked, and the guy freaked out – some people just don’t understand dogs! I told him that I had no other place to leave her, but he would not be satisfied. When we went to take a shower after this morning’s practice, there was a note on the bathroom in big letters, “NO DOGS ALLOWED IN BATHROOM” I laughed and brought Higbee in and took my shower. Strange place this RV park. I appreciate that they have rules and follow them, but the intensity of adherence is a bit much. The place is nearly empty, I can’t figure out why they don’t have better customer service! Not to worry, the road calls and we head eastward.

6:53 pm. Frack!! The pop up camper has a flat tire. Don’t understand why – I bought new tires not a week before I left Sacramento. Spent an hour in Walmart trying to figure out whether to buy a can of air or a compressor to get it inflated so I could tow the camper to the tire place in the morning and get it checked out. I learned that the cans of air (and sealant) ruin tires, so I opted for the mini compressor that runs off of the cigarette lighter. Naturally, the flat is on the side of the camper that’s inaccessible to the car, so I can’t reach the tire with the compressor. So in the morning, I’ll have to try to hitch up the camper, then unhitch the car to get it close enough to use the compressor, then rehitch the camper and hope that the air will hold so I can get to the tire place. Cannot depend on any help from folks here --- some are full of advice, but few provide actual assistance. The good news is that Albert the guy at the tire store, seems like he knows what he’s talking about.

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