Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Being a Traveler

I've been on the road now for four months.  And as many yogis in the Bikram world know, we are in a fascinating stage of evolution (note the correct spelling - I hesitate to even use the word, desiring to avoid any association with someone starting a rogue process of yoga with a derivation of that name - those in the know will know what I'm talking about) in the formation of a stronger, better, greater Bikram community.  

I am at the edge of it all.

It's such a strange feeling to be an observer in all of these things.  As a journeyer, I am not directly involved in anything going on around me.  I get to watch, I have no desire to engage in the drama of day to day life around me- part of that is because it simply doesn't belong to me, but also because I am getting more and more comfortable in simply not attaching to those things that used to draw me in - I'd have to offer my opinion, I'd have to get my nose in other peoples' business.  But now, as a result of the yoga, of my years, of my experience, of my desire to live a little lighter, it just doesn't concern me.  

I am watching this Bikram franchise / co-op evolve with lots of excitement.  I don't have a great deal on the line financially YET - so it's the existing studio owners who are doing the initial heavy lifting on how this will play out.  I am fascinated at how quickly the people in the community have gone from fear based reactions to excitement, positive perspectives and hope for an awesome organization.  Of course, there are a few flies in the ointment, but overall, it's pretty fun to watch.  I am invested in the outcome, of course, as I will open a studio soon, but still, at this stage, I'm in the periphery.   

I'm planning to start heading west in a week or so.  It will be interesting to go in a different direction.  May have the chance to work with Diane, may not.  It's another strange thing - working with her and getting feedback was one of the major reasons I took this trip, but a lot of the major reasons for this journey have fallen to the way side.  That's not to say I don't want Diane's feedback - I have already learned so much from here via the workshop she held in Auburn, via the feedback she gave to Jodi and just by hanging around her.  If I can teach for her, it will be icing on the top of the cake - if not, that's just something I get to come back for (or have her come to my new studio for!). far west will I go??  

This trip is taking on a life of its own.  I am just an observer and a learner.  I do wonder - when I finally stop the vehicle and plant some tomatoes, to what extent will I continue to just observe?  How will that feel?  

I'll find out soon enough.  For now,  I just live the day.  

Sending love to all.


thedancingj said...

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. :) What a COOL time for you to be traveling and studio-hopping. I've been watching and listening to a lot of this but I don't have nearly the view that you do!

I keep thinking of "Revolution" by John Lennon.... "You say you've got a real solution? Well you know, we'd all love to change your head. You tell me that it's evolution, well you know, you'd better free your mind instead... Don't you know it's gonna BE alright?"

Zia said...

Soooo enjoying your blog, Lucille. I just wanted to tell you that...again. :) Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas.