Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cape Cod Memories

When we lived in Loveland, Ohio, my parents made the decision for us to spend one particular summer (the WHOLE summer) in cape cod at the “compound” at Maushop.  The only relation it had to the Kennedy compound was that they are both located on Cape Cod. Other than that – no similarities whatsoever. 
While the American Royalty enjoyed lush and lovely accommodations, we were in rustic cabins with outdoor showers, one toilet and barely a kitchen. But we loved it. We absolutely loved it. It was one of my best summers ever – spent mostly on the beach reading, swimming and getting entirely too much sun (for which my skin is now angry). I didn’t get in nearly the trouble that other siblings managed to find (and those stories will go untold), but it was excellent nonetheless. After that summer, we returned often as my namesake, my mom’s sister Lucille, lived there, and although the whole summer was not
 an option, several weeks during the warm months were always enjoyed.Whenever I go to the cape, I remember those days. Carol King’s “Tapestry” was the definitive soundtrack for that first summer, but other songs like “keep on rocking me baby,” anything by James Taylor, and that song by Wings that had uncle Ernie in it was a big one (as Aunt Lucille was married to Uncle Ernie). Smiley faces, bell bottom jeans, floppy hats and those glass/poly clackers were huge. You could hear those clackers all over the community – “clack…..clack……..clack……clack clack clack clack OWWWWW”. Oh and “Jaws” came out around the time. 
Not too many people in the water that summer.

Got to return this weekend to visit my cousin John and his family. John married Melissa several years ago, and her mother still lives on the cape. They have two kids who are BEAUTIFUL in so many ways. Arrived on Saturday and met them at the beach club. It was a little more fancy than our days on the cape.   You had to dress in the locker rooms before you could go onto the beach, and they provided towels and chairs. Oh – and from the beach, we could actually spot the Kennedy Compound. We’re moving up in the world! But honestly, it was pretty comfortable and mostly it was great to hang with John, Melissa and kids. 
Then that evening we returned to the place J&M had been married for a clam bake. Now this wasn’t the traditional clam bake when you dig a hole in the sand and put a big fire in it and cook shellfish over it. This was a dress up clam bake, one that helps out the local dry cleaner because you are nearly guaranteed to spill butter on your fancy clothes. But surprisingly (and with several well-placed napkins and bibs), I remained butter unstained. And that was a Big Surprise. I ate two
 huge --- and I mean HUGE lobsters (that is a dinner plate the lobster is sitting on -- not a salad plate, and not a paper plate - and that corn is HALF an ear!)
and as many long neck clams as I could stuff into my belly. It was awesome!!! I also met some lovely friends of Mary (melissa’s mom) who is a kick in the pants herself. She is like the everready battery – she never stops – and she has a wonderful sense of humor.Sunday while J &M, and Mary and a nephew played golf, I got to hang out with young John and Nick. They are going to be six and seven I think, or at least they will be in first and second grade. We did some driving around trying to find a dog beach for Higbee, but alas no luck. No dogs allowed during summer months. Unfortunate and frankly, rather stupid in my opinion. So Higbee returned to the house unsandy and unsalty and we then returned to the Oyster Bays club for some beach time. Watched the boys create what John called a “Herman Crab” habitat, wrestled quite a bit with them, 
and then we visited the Four Seas Ice Cream place.
 It’s famous – Jackie O loved the fresh peach – I tried that the first time we went, but the second time, I thought the Pecan Penache was much better.
We did a little switcheroo and I convinced the boys to sleep in the camper while I got a comfy bed
We were all happy. Then on Monday, I spent the whole day with John on memory lane. We returned to Popponesset beach and the former “compound,” which, to my ultimate dismay, has become entirely too gentrified. They have paved the roads with clam shells, which is pretty, but the kids now can’t walk barefoot because they’ll cut their feet. They’ve surrounded the “cabins” (which have been updated and now cost for 4 days what we paid for the whole summer) with other houses and I swear you couldn’t have either a good fight or hearty sex without having it heard by at least six abodes. It was pretty, but it was also pretty foo foo. 
I am just grateful for our days there back when it was a little simpler and there was a lot more room to park.
At the dinner table, John and Melissa ask the boys what their highlight and their lowlight was for the day. The boys notified us that playing with me and Higbee was their favorite part of the day (which was an honor) and when I asked young Nick what he thought my highlight was, he said with all seriousness, “seeing me”. It’s nice to see he’s self confident!!!
I love my cousin, and I was so happy to see what a beautiful life he has created. What a great guy and oh – Melissa ain’t no chopped liver either – I am happy to call her a good friend.
Sending love to all.


thedancingj said...

At a yard sale last weekend:
Me: Hey, look at this beanie baby of a lobster!!
My friend: THAT.... is a scorpion.

And THAT my friend... is a lobster. :D

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