Monday, July 13, 2009

Last of the Key West Photos

Have been on the Space Coast for two days - catching up on chores, getting some internet work done.  The shuttle launch last night was scrubbed, so I'm heading down for another attempt this evening.  Got to practice at the New Smyrna Beach studio this morning - great class!  Small, but well done by the studio owner Traci.  She is certainly loyal to the dialogue and I like that.  

Here are a few more photos from Key West - then hopefully I'll be posting images of the shuttle launch

Okay, it's nearly impossible to set these photos in a particular order and forget about getting captions with each one.  Way too hard to manage with this program.  If anyone knows how to do that, let me know.  So here's a quick description of the photos -- First, my buddy Danny.  He has become a very dear friend and one I will cherish forever.  Thanks for showing me your fabulous life Danny!!!  Second, that's me at the zero mile marker for highway 1.  Maybe I'll make it to the top in Maine, and get another shot.  Won't that be fun!!!  Then some extra photos of the fishing expedition.  Danny was great with Higbee - she really enjoyed playing with him.  Next is the lemon shark -- you can't really tell how friggin big he was, but you can get a feeling for his lemony color.  Next one of the bonefish I caught.  He's fairly small, but he put up a really good fight.  Then on to the cat pee smelling Hemingway house.  Wonder how Pappa himself would feel about that nasty smell?   The colorful black servant statue is one of a pair that used to sit outside the front door.  Its opened hands were used for placing calling cards before phones were invented.  Pretty cool idea.  Then just exterior shots.  Okay - gotta run.  
Sending love to all.  

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