Monday, July 20, 2009

Charleston Chew

I've been here for four days so far, and have yet to find a Charleston Chew.  I've searched through mini-marts, gas stations, grocery stores and gift shops, but no luck.  That doesn't seem right to me.  Perhaps here, though, Charleston Chew has a different meaning.  I took Higbee for a hike around the lake at twilight on the nature trail.  Came back with giant chunks taken out of my body and a bloody back - the mosquitoes nearly picked us up and flew away with us!!!  Of course I did not even consider Off! -- again, in California, we don't have bugs.  Or at least not enough to worry about.  
But it is beautiful here.  Spent yesterday as a tourist.  Went to Boone Hall, the oldest plantation still in operation.  And no, they don't make Boone's Farm, although I have to admit, that's how I remember the name.  The house is fairly modern, built in the 1930's, but the land has
 several hundred year old oak and pecan trees, lots of fields full of tomatoes, melons and peppers, and beautiful structures. 
 Probably the most memorable sight was the 90 oak row of trees. 
 The guide said it is the only oak row with that many trees, and not a one has been destroyed in a hurricane.  I got to sit in on a Gullah presentation. 
 A wonderful man talked about how the Gullah language (a derivation of English and the Angolan language, still used today) helped to  unite the slaves and provide a common
 communication tool.  He ended the very informative presentation by having us stand up and stomping and clapping like they do at the prayer halls.  I got to use a tambourine, and I have to say, I've got rhythm!  It was so much fun!!

Then I walked over to the former storage and loading building on the river that leads to Charleston and saw a guy catching shrimp and other fish.  

Afterward a refreshing bus tour that went to the outskirts of the plantation, Higbee and I drove over to the ocean, and had a great walk along the water.  
White, sugar-like sand and warm water (but not as warm as Key West) made the ocean really welcoming, but giant signs said no swimming allowed due to big undertows.  I met a lovely family with a great dog that Higbee got to play with - and they invited me to stay with them in Asheville!!!  
We'll see if I get inland that far.  

Sending love to all!!!   


Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog - the wonder of the internet - and have avidly been following your adventures. Bikram yoga has also been a source of great joy and pain relief for me, always good to see how it has helped so may.

Just a quick note to say how much I admire what you are doing. May your travels be safe, fun, and full of wonder.

For all the care and thought you are putting into what your studio should be, it's easy to see it's going to be a wonderful sanctuary.

lucille_allen said...

Thanks Kathy!!! Best regards to you!