Wednesday, June 10, 2009

San Antonio Doesn't Disappoint

Seriously, I really like it here. The KOA campground is just the start of this very nice place. Higbee and I strolled along the entire Riverwalk, saw the Alamo (that’s an interesting story - I have a companion dog and apparently I look like I NEED a companion dog) and we visited the San Antonio Museum of Art (which is inside the old defunct Lone Star Brewery – how cool is that) and the Witte museum park. The architecture here is much different than I expected – I thought it would be all adobe structures, and there is some of that, but there’s also a lot of craftsman homes, brick and other architectural styles. And the price per square foot is quite a bit less than $200 for homes in the most tony part of town.  Compared to California, that's really a bargain.  I gotta say it again, I really like it here!

Lisa and Steve, who own the two San Antonio Bikram Studios, are absolutely fabulous. They have terrific, positive energy, two really beautiful studios, a fabulous staff (including 3 people from our training – shout out to Casey, Carlos and Jill), and a very loyal following. I’ve practiced with people suffering from fibromyalgia, amputees, and spasms and they are all really great yogis. Lisa gave me some guidance on my practice yesterday, and this afternoon in Jill’s class (which was great BTW) I implemented her recommendations, and got good results! 
I met this morning with Lisa and Steve, and they answered a ton of questions about how they operate the studio, about the dynamics of having two studios, about partnerships, and so many other questions. They spent more than 90 minutes with me, and I consider it a GREAT gift. I will be a better teacher and a better studio owner as a result of this stop.   

Oh, my thesis (and yes, I’ve made more progress while here) is on the relationship between communication and Bass and Avolio’s full range leadership theory. I argue that although the theory describes the behaviors that lead to one of three leadership styles, it is incomplete because it doesn’t describe the communication skills that are necessary in order to demonstrate those behaviors. I will include a survey, and I’ll ask anyone who reads this (and has or has had a boss) to help out and compete the survey. 

Tomorrow, it’s on to Houston. 

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