Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adios Arizona!!

Today’s it for Arizona. Yesterday, I went to Tombstone, and man I had been warned, but I was a little overwhelmed by the fact that you have to pay for EVERYTHING you do there! Well, that’s not entirely true – you can walk into the multiple shops and bars (which do have beautiful barfronts) for free. Paid to go to the bathroom, paid to see the OK corral, paid for a goofy diorama/movie voiced over by Vincent Price. The best part was that almost all the storekeepers put water out for the dogs. Very nice. All in all, it was just fine and I’m glad I went. But it doesn’t hold a candle to Old Sac.

Have spent the last two evenings talking with the very kind, interesting and humorous ladies at the dog park section of the RV park. They laugh so heartedly, it’s a real pleasure to spend time with them. Also learned a lot about the bountiful fauna in the area – the hummingbirds, havalenas, bunnies, nighthawks, cranes, bats and a bunch of other birds whose name I can’t remember. This area is a stop over in the great north/south migration route and at certain times of the year, there are a gazillion birds around! There’s a lot right now, but I think these are the year-rounders. 
Not so psyched about the work to break down the camper, but it shouldn’t take long. Looking forward to getting out of this dust. Both Higbee and I are going to get cleaned up before we hit the road. Then it’s on to Las Cruces.


Robert Redford said...

I love the pic of you and Higbee! I remember the Vincent Price voiceover from my last visit, back in 94! Sounds like the town has gone downhill since then.

The Missus said...

LOL! I grew up near Tombstone. Everyone who goes there to visit always thinks it is gong to be more exciting than it actually is.