Monday, October 26, 2009


First of all, thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes via email or Facebook and of course my five buddies below who are happy for me and for Bill.  He returned to Africa last week and it was hard to say goodbye, but the good news is that his month stint will be up soon enough and we will be together in November/December.  

So I haven't JUST been falling in love since I got back to Houston - although some would say that's enough.  But wait.....there's more!!  

Bill and I went to New Orleans to scout out locations for a studio.  We found a few places on Magazine Street, which borders the Garden District (old money) and the Irish Canal (up and coming gentrification).  The first place, which had parking, was a former Hollywood Video and it would have been a perfect location, but the landlord/managing partner of the building was, to put it kindly, not so kind.  It wasn't too hard to determine that he would not be a person I would want to work with over a long period of time.  The second place also offered parking, but was entirely too big -- a pretty cool building though!  Formerly a funeral home, then the recording studio for Nine Inch Nails.  If those walls could talk!!!  
But there had already been a bid on the building, so that didn't work either.  The third opportunity was a PERFECT fit - a beautiful former warehouse for sale, it would be great to build out, but there was no parking included in the sale of the building.  And no parking is a show stopper.  
Perhaps another trip will be in the cards in the future.  We'll see.  By the way, that's Bill smiling in the warehouse-wonderful smile, huh!  In addition to studio scouting, we got to stay in a beautiful B&B, and for me the highlight of the trip was sitting with Bill on the porch of the 1900's structure watching it rain like crazy a few feet beyond our sanctuary, while the street cars splashed through giant puddles and we sipped on wine with Higbee sitting at our feet.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  

I also went to San Antonio to attend yet another seminar with Diane Ducharme - I'm starting to stalk this woman!!  I've seen her in Palm Desert, spent a lot of time with her in Massachusetts,  attended her seminar in San Antone -- and guess what?  I'm going to see her in Vegas on the way home!!!  In any event, I learned so very much from the event, and also got to see a bunch of friends from training - Jill, Carlos, Casey and Mani!  

I'm pretty sure I win the prize for seeing the most people from Fall 08 training over the last year. At some point, I'm going to go through the yearbook and make a list.  I'm guessing I've seen at least a third of the US students from training.  Another bonus from this adventure!

And of course, I've been teaching.  Since I arrived in Houston, I've taught 33 classes and yesterday, I taught 4.  That was an amazing experience.  Overall, I feel just great.  I have been able to put to use all the things that Diane has taught me, not just about my own teaching, but also about how to help people with physical problems - most importantly is how to encourage them to not be afraid of their bodies and do the best they can -- the right way.  Every time I come out of the studio, I can't help but feel I have the best job in the world.  I have the honor of helping people improve their lives.  What a wonderful profession.  

Have also been spending some time with my wonderful "little sister" Liana.  We bonded when I was here in June, and this time, we got even closer.  I got to go with her when she bought her new car, and last week, we went to the opera together - it was a dress rehearsal, and we were definitely in the nosebleed section, but "The Elixir of Love" was wonderful and very apropos for both of us!!  

So it's been a deluge, not just of the rain this season, but of love, laughter, learning and leaning (that's the best alliteration I could come up with that refers to the yoga).  

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.  

p.s. Bill, I'm still drenched and soggy from the rain - will post a pretty picture of me in new glasses tomorrow when I have a better chance of not looking like a wet rat.  xo


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how about "love, Laughter and Locking the Knee!? so fabulous you are having a great life. Wish I was meeting you guys in LV next month.....what does Spring '06 look like for you?


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